Crispy Chicken Wings in Asian Sauce

It’s been hot in Auckland. That plays it down quite a bit but the city has been muggy and humid and my hair as not been handling this well.
Get it together Auckland.
So I got up on Saturday and decided that wings were the order of the day. Who doesn’t love some crispy chicken wings to kick back and enjoy with a cold glass of wine? Rhetorical question there guys, the answer is everyone. These wings are salty and sweet and sticky but not too sticky and they’re perfect served with a creamy lime dip and lashings of spicy Siracha sauce. These wings are all I thought about all day and I’m sure I had a dream about them that Saturday night. I made them inside because the sky had opened up but next weekend, these wings are going on the BBQ.

Asian chicken wings crispy PlanetBakeLife

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Marshmallow and Pretzel Chocolate Fudge

I got married. We did it. It was fun. It was perfect.
And next month will be the first Valentine’s Day we spend as a married couple. My orders are to make this Marshmallow and Pretzel Chocolate Fudge again. My husband (it feels so weird and awesome to write that down, guys!) has requested it as his Valentine’s Day present this year after he devoured the majority of this batch I made around Christmas time. Fudge is something he is incredibly fond of. Luckily for me, my matron of honour has this awesome recipe up her sleeve.
I nabbed that recipe and made a few adjustments because Lizzy’s version is very elegant and grown up and Michael and I are basically kids. Who doesn’t want a salty pretzel and brightly coloured marshmallow in their fudge?!

PlanetBakeLife Valentine's Day marshmallow pretzel chocolate fudge

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Honey Almond Plait with Aotea Manuka Honey

Guys I get married in less than two weeks! It’s super exciting!
At the end of 2016 I started having a chat with the lovely people over at Aotea who do natural tonics, balms and honey based on traditional Maori remedies. Their Horopito tonic has been keeping me sane and stress free throughout my wedding planning. Not only is the packaging absolutely beautiful (simplicity is key in their remedies and also their design) but the products are awesome. I’ve always been keen on trying natural remedies instead of medicines and now that my doctor has ordered me to lower my blood pressure, I find the Horopito tonic is great when I need to take a step back and unwind. Now you might need to look hard for Aotea as they are pretty new but trust me, they’re worth the hunt because their Manuka honey is absolutely amazing. It’s one of the best Manuka honeys I’ve ever tried.
Wedding planning has also made me crave home comfort foods. One of those comfort foods comes from my time working in a bakery in the UK when I was allowed a treat from the cabinets for tea time. I always picked the maple pecan danish. It was to die for but unfortunately very much missing from the New Zealand market. So I decided to use this beautiful Manuka honey to create my own version to indulge in.

honey almond plait Aotea Manuka honey PlanetBakeLife

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Caramelised Banana Dutch Baby

I haven’t posted in a while. I started a new job. I ordered too much off AliExpress for my wedding. I am not winning at life right now.
But breakfast makes things better. So last weekend when Michael was still sleeping, I got up super early and made a caramelised banana Dutch baby. Why? Because I could and I wanted to. And also, I’ve always wanted to make a Dutch baby. Thanks to my parents gifting me a set of cast iron skillets, I can now make Dutch babies whenever I feel like it.
Lots of people don’t know what a Dutch baby is, let me inform you.

PlanetBakeLife caramelised banana Dutch baby

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