Bacon and Cheese Garlic Butter Bread

Aka The Carb Mountain.
I’m not even going to apologise for this. This bread was amazing. After being quite frustrated at having to use dry active yeast, I went ahead and defrosted some of my fresh yeast. It was a bit of a mission, I had to cut off a huge chunk and let it defrost and as usual it had that clay like consistency that is super gross but makes the best bread.
My next thoughts were, if you go to so much trouble to make some bread, you might as well add bacon and cheese. Surely someone has a quote about bacon and cheese making everything better?

Bacon and cheese garlic butter bread

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Chocolate Primal Protein Mix Pancakes

Guys, it’s nearly my birthday. In a week I will have turned 27. So much is happening in such a small space of time and I’m really excited about all the future has in store.
At the moment that means spending weekend running around meeting friends and family, making wedding plans and DIY’ing a lot of our wedding elements. I’m very lucky to have a super talented fiancĂ© who designed our invitations and made them very personal to our style and our feel. I have a MOH who is an expert baker. A day of co-ordinator who is amazing and is going to be doing my hair and make up on the day. And my parent are always supportive of our plans.
While the wedding planning is going really well and it’s moving at a fantastic pace, sometimes you need some down time. Enter these chocolate primal protein mix pancakes. We enjoyed these pancakes on Sunday morning before heading off for a full day of activities. They’re much heavier than most pancakes but that’s because of the protein mix. You’ll probably only need a few pancakes to keep you satisfied for much longer.

planetbakelife protein pancakes

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Garlic Yogurt Lamb Roast with a side of good news

This garlic yogurt lamb roast is actually from a few months ago. I made it for my family when they came around for Sunday dinner. My family is small, just myself and my parents but my dad has always cooked for an army. I remember roasts when I was a kid would be lamb with all the trimmings. Roast potatoes, veggies in cheese sauce, fresh loaves of bread to soak up the homemade gravy. These days people cut corners and it’s rare for there to be homemade gravy, it’s normally out of a packet. No judgement, honestly, it’s just that I have an allergic reaction to most packet gravies and this is why I normally end up refusing a roast dinner. 
My parents coming to our house for dinner is rare. Our flat is small, it only holds so many people. So when I offered to make a lamb roast, my dad jumped at the chance and I knew it had to be something tasty.
I’m always a little nervous about making roasts because they take a while in the oven and if they’re not quite right then there’s very little time to prepare something else. Luckily, this lamb roast is super easy to prepare and cook. It’s very difficult to make it dry thanks to the marinade and you can always serve (homemade or otherwise) gravy on the side.

garlic yogurt lamb roast

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Edmond’s Chocolate Cake with Lemon Buttercream

I didn’t grow up with Edmond’s in my life because I didn’t grow up in New Zealand but I see the company everywhere. When I talk to Kiwis they always tell me how they grew up with the Edmond’s Cookbook. It seems to be a staple in most Kiwi homes from a very young age.
After receiving the new Edmond’s Best of Baking cookbook, I can definitely see why. The recipes inside are easy to follow and cover a large range of basics like slices, savouries and cakes. If you’re just starting out with baking, this is a fantastic book to help you experiment with the basics. My favourite part of the book is that I could take one of the recipes and make it as simple or as fancy as I liked.
We went to a games and movie night and I took this fantastically rich chocolate cake along with us. It was a big hit!

Edmond's chocolate cake PlanetBakeLife Best of Baking

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