26 Dec 2012

Duped Again and Again

I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas filled with happiness and family and lots of food. I spent mine doing...well...not a lot. There were movies and a BBQ in the garage and rain on the deck and mist over the river. So that pretty much sums up my festive season.

Over Christmas, I watched a lot of DIY videos on YouTube and other sites and realised that people love nothing more than making something themselves for a fraction of the cost of what they could buy it for and customise it to be exactly what they want. Ever had that problem? You walk down the aisle looking for a mirror in a particular colour and shape and unfortunately the shop has a grand total of none of those? Yeah, annoying.
Thrifting has become fashionable and there are a lot of sites out there that encourage you to visit your local Op-Shop, demolition yard and antique store. I'm all for this, I personally think it's a fantastic idea and I have sourced myself three wooden pallets which I'm dying to put to good use in the house. If you're the same, then you probably have a lot of crap lying around that, with a few tips and tricks, can become non-crap. So here are some amazing dupes that you can use to make the item you've always wanted out of what you have or can find easily.

This green candlestick is a Cath Kidston version and can be found here for $29.99 in a few different colours. The pink candlestick is a DIY job that would probably cost you around $10 to source and make if you know where and how.
It's really simple to make. The instructions are pretty clear and you can pick absolutely any colour you could ever imagine which is what I like about this in particular.

Crates and vintage wood is definitely in at the moment. This may be a trend that lasts, it may just be a flash in the pan. Either way, you want something quick and easy that will allow you to adapt no matter how long it sticks around for.
The vintage wooden box will set you back around $64 (without shipping and import duty etc) whereas the homemade wooden boxes will set you back almost nothing if you source wood pallets to use instead of bought boards. You can see how to make the wood look old here or you can take Mr Oosterhouse's advice on aging wood if you want a really vintage look. The stencil is easy to achieve: you can cut the lettering out of a piece of plastic or card and then paint over it in your choice of colour. These boxes are multi-purpose so you can go crazy with them.

 The first is sort of DIY in that you do make it yourself, but it's made with a Martha Stewart glass paint kit so it's not exactly cheap. You'll pay for the name because people idolise Martha (fair play) and her name commands a hefty price tag most of the time. You can see how to use the kit here. The second picture is a homemade lace lantern that is just absolutely amazing and if you wanted to, you could apply it to the glass to make the same sort of patterns. It's fairly easy and cheap so have a look. That particular blog post has tons of easy DIY tips for a vintage wedding and I'm sure there are quite a few of the things that you could apply to your house or a garden party.

Cutlery drawers/trays are always a difficult one. They're never particularly pretty, they're never particularly helpful and sometimes they just ruin a good drawer in your kitchen. So instead of buying a new one when the crappy plastic inevitably breaks, try something new. The bought tray will cost you around $22 but this made one will cost you very little, perhaps even free if you can find the materials or use them from somewhere else.

So those are some good DIY dupes that you can try at home. They're simple and easy for a rainy afternoon or when you have some unexpected time off.
Like I said before, it's nice to feel like your home is yours and sometimes making the objects you use everyday means that you feel more connected with your home's interior. It's also nice to feel the accomplishment of knowing that the new candlestick your friends all complimented was actually your doing.
I hope you feel inspired and have a go at the different DIY projects. If you'd like to see some more DIY inspirational projects then you can visit my Pinterest to see what inspires me.

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