1 Feb 2013

Lovely Links #001

This is new to the blog so bare with me as I fine tune the details.
Basically, I really love Lists Thursdays, Links Fridays etc etc and I thought I needed something similar on my very own blog but I can't promise it'll be on a specific day. So here it is.
There are somethings that have been really stressful this week and have made me incredibly sad so I needed a few cheerful things in my life.

A lot of my links are Valentine's Day oriented because although I don't have anyone to declare their undying love for me, I do like the holiday and I get excited about it. That's just the way it is.
You can find this inspirational room here.

 These amazing black bottomed eatables can be found here.
 When my diet is over...I'm making these.

 Here are some more links that made my day.

1//  How awesome are these free printables?! Anything free is cool but this is particularly cool because they're Valentine's Day themed and they're super cute.
2// Heather's cupcakes are beautiful and tasty. I've tried a few of her recipes but this Valentine's Day will be the first time I try this recipe and I cannot wait.
3//  You can't go wrong with Martha for an occasion. These soaps are cute, helpful and customizable and can be used for future holidays as well.
4// Because of the colour theme, these can be used for Valentine's Day but also any other day of the year. They're pretty clever and a good use of a cheap and cheerful item.
5// There are a few different ideas here, my favourite is the gift basket. I think freshly baked items would fit right in here and you could probably use Heather's recipe from link 2 to make up a good basket.
6// A list of lovely tips and tricks for Valentine's day can be found here. These are mostly free and just generally romantic gestures so that means a cheaper but sweeter Valentine's Day.

I hope you like the list and find something of use or interest. If you have any more links you think I should check out, leave me a comment! And if you like anything you see here, don't forget to go to the original page and Pin It!

Samantha x

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