27 Jan 2013

Quick and Easy Hamburger Buns

Here at the takeaway/bakery, we make our own burger buns.
At first I was super against it because it meant a shitload of work and let's face it, it's easier to pop down to Countdown and get a pack of Homebrand buns than made them myself. The downside is that you end up serving what everyone else does. And while it makes sense for most takeaways to buy the buns in, we have the facilities to make our own buns so why shouldn't we take advantage of that?

 I tried a lot of different recipes. Most of them called for tons of additives or they ended up being slightly hard, small and dense.
Then the clouds parted, there was a chorus choir and my browser opened up this page. It was like seeing the light for the first time. I adjusted the main recipe to suit my own needs so I'll give you the new recipe but you can try either one out. I found the original recipe was a little too sweet and the buns weren't as soft as I wanted them to be.
Now I know on this blog I really hate to add anything to my bread that's not a natural ingredient but I must confess that I do add improver to these rolls. It helps them rise a little better and it keeps them softer for longer but if you're making them at home then these issues don't normally arise. At home, it's likely that they will all disappear before they finish cooling, but I'll put down my version of the recipe and you can adjust accordingly.

If you're new to using improver then that's ok too.
The general rule is that you add 1% of the dough weight of improver. Does that make sense? I hope so. I normally just sprinkle a bit into the mixture but then I make a much bigger batch than this.
I use Champion 1% improver but I think you can also buy as much as you need/want from places like Bin Inn, otherwise, Champion can be ordered online or over the phone.
I like to egg wash the buns if they're plain and egg wash and sprinkle sesame seeds over the top for burger buns.

 You should get around 6 or 7 rolls out of this recipe if you make 140g buns. If you want to go smaller or larger then that's fine too. The recipe is easily multiplied and I normally use 8 times the normal recipe in the bakery so you can feel free to multiply it to however many you need at the time.
One of customers told me that she likes to freeze the rolls she buys from us and then zap them in the microwave for a little bit and they're fluffy like they just came out of the oven. So that's a real plus because you don't have to eat them all straight away if you're on your own or they tend to stick around for a while. Otherwise they should last for around 3 days if you wrap them in cling film or stick them in the fridge.

 These also make amazing filled rolls so don't feel you're limited with them at all.
If you want to add a few seeds to the mix then I would suggest hydrating the seed mix before adding to your dough mixture. Just pop some of the seeds into a microwaveable bowl, add enough water to cover them and then stick them in the microwave for 30 seconds on high heat. This should hydrate the seeds well but if they still look a bit hard then leave them in the water for a few minutes before adding them.

 I hope you love this recipe as much as I do!
Have fun experimenting with it as well.
Samantha x

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