22 Feb 2013

Lovely Links #003

This week has been increasingly tough. It started off with a good Monday spent on the beach talking to someone who, despite all the ups and downs, I class as my best friend and the person who knows me completely in life.
Tuesday was when the trouble began. We were asked to make 100 pancakes for some American tourists staying at one of the local motels so my dad and I had to get up at 5am to make pancakes for 24 people. We spent the morning stressed and sweating to get these pancakes done by 7am. Have you ever tried to make 100 pancakes in one go? Let me tell you, it is stressful. At one point my dad threw a pancake at the wall as punishment for not flipping properly. No problem there, Mister Pancake, my father did all the flipping out for you. We then had to drop my mom off at a First Aid Course for the school and I had to pick her up later in the day. That meant driving to Kerikeri on my own for the first time ever. I'm not a nervous driver but I was a little worried about that because I don't know the road as well as I should do.
Wednesday morning came around and we were allowed a lie in before having to take my mom back to the First Aid Course for the last day. I made pies and rolls for an urgent delivery and then it was time to pick my mom up again. I arrived on time to collect her, but the woman running the course made them all stay for an extra 45 minutes which put me way behind on my schedule and by the time I got back to the bakery, my rolls had over proved and my dad had forgotten to put them in the oven. Bad times.
Thursday wasn't all that bad but Friday was awful! I started the day with hitting my head full force into the corner of the counter at the bakery, then I fell over on a wet patch after my dad mopped the floor and it only got worse from there. I'll spare you the disasterous details but believe me, I was pleased to have yesterday over. The weekend hasn't been bad so far though and I'm hoping that will continue.

So this week's Lovely Links was definitely needed! I've been having a look around the internet and I've found some good things to share so I hope this brightens up your weekend too.

How amazing is this carnival set up? I've definitely go to that party!

This dog is just gorgeous and I want one.

1// If you haven't read Kate's blog yet then you should definitely do that right now. Her photography is just to die for, she has this moody dark lit thing going on that makes me think of the deep South and it gets me drooling. She's also based in Aus which means she's in the right hemisphere and therefore the right season to match up with me! Great news because I'm not looking forward to using the winter warmer recipes I keep reading in Northern hemisphere blogs at the moment. No offence, but I like the sun sometimes.
2// If you're looking for new ways to reach new readers through your blog and other social media then you'll need to read this. It's got some good advice and it's always good to see people being encouraged to utalise what's out there. It's also something that anyone has access to and just needs to learn to use properly.
3// I've got this disgusting Perez Hilton addiction that started way back in 2007 when he was bitchy and mean and fat. Now he takes the high road on everything and has become super political which I do not approve of. I've always been a reader because of the gossip and news he shares but as soon as he starts to get political around election time, I zone out and stop reading. It may sound like I'm avoiding the topics but really I have my own opinions and I don't need him to push his on me...but aside from that, he did introduce me to this amazing advert. I love the Rock! Ps. I know the Super Bowl was an age ago but this was too good not to share with anyone who didn't watch the game or see the adverts.
4// For someone who reads blogs but doesn't have one, it may seem a little scary to start your own. But Mr Kate is here to tell you that it isn't the case! She gives you some background info and lets you know that blogging is the future. You can read all about it here. There are a lot of bloggers who do something similiar or a post telling you why they blog (Mr Kate has one of those too) so if you're looking for inspiration or just some motivation then try to find posts that make you fall in love with blogging all over again.

I've done a lot of typing on those links so I hope you made it through enough to actually follow the link and find something of value there.
On a personal note, I've found myself watching The Vampire Diaries a lot lately and I have to say that I'm loving it. This whole Damon and Elena thing is just amazing and I am totally routing for them, sire bond or not! It's also super cute because Ian Somerhaulder and Nina Dobrev are real life couples and while I'm a little jealous, I think their wedding would be just teary-eyed beautiful. That girl is stunning!

I hope you guys have a great weekend!
Samantha x

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