20 May 2013

Inspirate #001

If you've been watching MKR then you'll know all about inspirate...if not then you need to read about it.
Basically, these are the links that have made me happy lately and have made me want to share them with you. So good job links! You've done so well.

I've felt a bit down lately.
I own a business with my dad if you didn't know and sometimes it can get a little bit much. I do all the baking of the bread and rolls etc but I am also the admin person. I deal with the bills and the payments and the suppliers. I deal with customers, happy and unhappy and I try to make things better but sometimes it gets a bit much. I miss my friends and I miss my Cat and I miss Primark because I've lost a lot of weight and I don't fit into anything but clothes cost a fortune in this country. I miss caramel roulade from Tesco and I miss shopping at Morrisons.
But I also love where we are now.
I love having to drive past the beach to get anywhere and looking across the bay while I have a cup of coffee in the morning. I love Kitkat and how much joy he brings to my father and the household. I love meeting new people and having different types of conversations. I love TimTams (not on the diet obviously) and I love that the majority of New Worlds sell South African goods. I love being able to buy a Cream Soda whenever I want.
So as much as I've loved and missed stuff, I think it's balanced itself out. And I get to blog about that and I get to read your blogs which is amazing, especially the #BEDM posts, they're awesome.

So having said all of that....here's my inspirating list.

1// This list of celebrities under 21 is amazing because they haven't just listed the most popular celebs first. Someone actually thought about this list before they made it. And most of it is true.
2// Gala Darling is from New Zealand, she definitely inspirates and she name dropped will.I.am in her new blog post without it seeming cheesy, annoying or arrogant.
3// Everyone needs a Nica bag...I have two. They're also available from TopShop as far as I know.
4// After this post, I'm seriously considering sticking two flavours of macaroon to my head to increase my popularity and my chances of being immortalised in cake...until tea time that is.
5// This is going to be our winter.
6// I am saddened by this, but if he takes his shirt off repeatedly then it's cool.
7// She tweeted me and I am so proud of Ella for this accomplishment, even if I think she totally deserved to win MasterChef NZ.
8// I miss my Peanut.
9// I hope someone helps this young lady very soon because she was a really bright star once upon a time. I thoroughly enjoyed her movies.
10// When my diet is over, I will make myself these. I'm 10kg lighter at the moment, but that might be back on instantly if I add some icing to that recipe.

If I stood in the storm, I'd just get frizzy hair but I like the sentiment.

Who doesn't like penguins doing cute stuff?!

Gerberas are my favourite flower. I love them in any and every colour.

This is obviously how everyone should eat their kiwi fruit.

Have a great weekend everyone!
Samantha xxx


  1. This post wa an inspiration - especially the kiwi fruit! Thank you, Samantha.

    1. The kiwi fruit is beautiful isn't it?
      When we went to Thailand, they had a fruit carving competition at one of the malls. They stuff they produced was mind blowing.